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The process by which a material is made homogeneous.
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Nevertheless, the meaning of globalization cannot be restricted to homogenization, or a perfectly inappropriate drive for uniformity.
In addition, the influence of the type of the monomer on the homogenization process by ultrasonication is shown.
On the basis of such developments, one assumes, advocates of the homogenization thesis are often tempted to embellish their claims with talk of a process of Americanization.
The case of the genocide is one in which a modernizing and nationalist Young Turk elite applied just the kind of horrendous methods of homogenization that Rae identifies with state-building through creation of the "other," while the case of the pogroms of 1895-96 belongs to the world of Ferdinand and Isabella's Spain and Louis XIV's France, where religious dissent was isolated and punished.
To define the best strategy for brevetoxin monitoring in shellfish, we spiked oyster meat with brevetoxins before extraction by ethyl ether or acetone or simply homogenization in buffer.
The Greerco Sanitary Pipeline Mixer can achieve precise product uniformity in applications involving homogenization, mixing, dispersion and emulsion.
Smith, FDR and World War II, Ike, "Camelot" and chaos, and the homogenization of American Catholics.
Muller Dairy UK have ordered a Tetra Therm Aseptic Maxi and a Tetra Alex 400 unit from Tetra Pak Ltd, tel:0870 442 6000, for installation at their dairy plant in Market Drayton, for heat the treatment and homogenization of yogurt milk.
Further, he warned that overreliance on specific standards could lead to an homogenization of the audit and recommended that firms be allowed to "differentiate themselves according to their specialties, strengths and competencies." This will maintain the value of audits, he said, and help prevent them from becoming a commodity.
One problem not yet solved is that the enlarged whey particles can't stand up to the high pressure needed for homogenization.
During his most recent visit to Mexico, Pope John Paul II called on the church in America "to cooperate with every legitimate means in reducing the negative effects of globalization, such as the domination of the powerful over the weak, especially in the economic sphere, and the loss of the values of local cultures in favor of a misconstrued homogenization." It seems that the pope clearly aligned himself with Berry's "community party" in his support of local cultures against the forces of "neoliberalism" and "homogenization."
This brings us to the twin-concepts of homogenization and hegemonization.