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the state of being homogeneous.
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of Cases Diagnosed 17 22 Shape Oval (17) Irregular (20) Diffuse (2) Margin Round (17) Irregular (22) Echogenicity Hypoechoic (17) Hypoechoic (21) Calcification Coarse Cal+ (3) -- Homogenicity Uniform (17) Uniform (6) Mixed (16) Compressibility No No Posterior Enhancement Yes No HPR Mastitis Carcinoma No.
However, human DFAT cells at passage 1 are negative for these markers, indicating greater homogenicity of DFAT cells compared with AdSCs [30].
There is an extreme variability in MBI scores retreived from literature for both emotional exhaustion (range 14 to 36) and depersonalization (range 4 to 13), and somewhat more homogenicity for the personal accomplishment scale (range 34 to 39) (Klersy et ah, 2007).