homogeneous nucleation

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ho·mo·ge·ne·ous nu·cle·a·tion

nucleation about a nidus composed of material identical with that precipitating.
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Almost the radius of each spherulite is larger than 100 [micro]m, and this phenomenon could be explained by the lower nucleation rate of neat iPP during the homogeneous nucleation process.
In situ ice formation takes place via homogeneous nucleation of aqueous aerosol (Karcher and Lohmann 2002) or by heterogeneous nucleation (DeMott et al.
The T1 wafers were independently developed by Trina Solar based on the technologies that include homogeneous nucleation and black edge free, as well as optimized technical processes, proving quality and performance assurance for the production of cells.
26) In conventional emulsion polymerization, micellar nucleation or homogeneous nucleation is the main nucleation style.
Murray (2008) concluded from studies regarding citric acid droplets that glassy organics inhibit ice nucleation even when conditions are sufficiently supersaturated for homogeneous nucleation.
These photographs clearly indicate the role of the stereocomplex as a nucleating agent, and the crystallization of a pure PLLA was initiated in instantaneous homogeneous nucleation.
They consider such aspects as the kinetics and thermodynamics of fluctuation-induced transitions in multistable systems, confocal depolarized dynamic light scattering, the role of metastable intermediate states in the homogeneous nucleation of solids from solution, geometric constraints in the self-assembly of mineral dendrites and platelets, and the ability of silica to induce a biomimetic crystallization of calcium carbonate.
There are two forms of nucleation: homogeneous nucleation and heterogeneous nucleation.
The nucleation theory can be grouped under two categories: homogeneous nucleation and heterogeneous nucleation.
From classical nucleation theory (Mullin, 2001), the rate of homogeneous nucleation, J, in bulk crystallization, i.