ho·mo·ar·gi·nine (Har),

A homologue of arginine having an additional methylene group.
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Evaluation of the furosine and homoarginine methods for determining reactive lysine in rumen-undegraded protein.
Recent studies have shown that patients with low plasma homoarginine are at increased risk of stroke, myocardial infarction and heart failure (HF).
For FAA analysis, 100-mg samples were first extracted with 7% trichloroacetic acid, containing homoarginine as an internal standard, then the extracts were washed with diethyl ether to remove trichloroacetic acid (Konosu et al.
The procedures, including the homoarginine technique, the feeding enzymehydrolyzed protein and the isotope-dilution technique, are used for estimating the total endogenous losses of AA (Hodgkinson et al.
The effect of dietary homoarginine derived from guanidination of synthetic lysine on endogenous amino acid loss and apparent and true ileal amino acid digestibility in the pig.