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Having a tendency toward homicide.


(hŏm′ĭ-sīd) [L. homo, man, + caedere, to kill]
1. Murder.
2. A murderer.
homicidal, adjective
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230] Looking outside the small sample of juvenile death row inmates, fifty-five percent of the homicidally aggressive children studied had been physically abused.
And they're homicidally determined no upstart new tenant's going to get it out of the building without a fight -or another death.
THE LAWNMOWER MAN (1992) 1am C5 Remarkable "virtual reality" special effects are the best thing about a rather crude chiller in which well-meaning scientist Pierce Brosnan's experiments on retarded gardener Jeff Fahey go homicidally haywire.
But his tour de force was Kind Hearts and Coronets when he played all eight members, male and female of an aristocratic family being dispatched by a homicidally disgruntled relative.
FATAL ATTRACTION (1987): 'I will not be ignored,' said spurned Glenn Close as one-night stand turned homicidally dangerous.