homeovitics (hō·mē·ō·vīˑ·tiks),

n contemporary homeopathic approach that views toxicity as a cause for all chronic conditions and uses remedies to detoxify and strengthen the body at the cellular level.
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An innovative approach to stress and tension is the use of homeopathically prepared nutraceuticals, termed homeovitics.
However, recent events seem to have blurred the distinction between the two and created a new and exciting class of products, homeopathically prepared nutraceuticals, often termed homeovitics.
To illustrate this point, consider a homeovitic formulation for stress.
Homeovitic cellular detoxification is being recognized as an important first step in nutritional protocols.
A clinical study completed in the summer of 2000 reported in the International Journal of Integrative Medicine (IJIM) measured the effect of homeovitic cellular detoxification on DNA repair in a 48-day protocol focusing on xenobiotic chemicals, heavy metals and latent viruses.
Another example of this concept is the homeovitic blending of enzymes and other biochemicals to support the body's cellular functions.
2,3,4] This is truly a bridge between homeopathy and nutrition since homeovitics are essentially homeopathically prepared nutraceuticals that are complementary to nutritional approaches for prevention and intervention.
Additionally, a homeovitic for cellular regeneration that was developed over 15 years ago actually incorporated a number of essential cell nutrients long before they gained their present popularity as nutraceuticals.
The homeovitic approach to detox is based on the bioenergetic principle of homeopathy.
Many practitioners will elect to use homeovitic cellular detox as their primary protocol.
One trusts that he would have been pleased with the homeovitic approach to remove his "obstacles to cure.
Kamhi, affiliated with the Corsello Centers as a nutritional consultant, supervises this total integrative program which includes the homeovitic cellular detox approach.