homeotic genes

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ho·me·ot·ic genes

a group of genes that regulates the development of the body parts by defining the boundaries of the several regions.
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Loss-of-function studies and cloning of floral homeotic genes suggest that the lemma/palea of grasses are developmentally analogous to sepals (Bowman, 1997; Ambrose et al., 2000; Prasad et al., 2001).
But it is surely rather literal of Mother Nature to lay these homeotic genes out in the order of their use."
The best examples in plants are the changes of floral morphogenesis caused by floral homeotic genes. Many homeotic genes have been identified and characterized, and most belong to the plant MADS-box regulatory gene family (Purugganan et al., 1995).
Genes that control the temporal dimension of development, heterochronic genes, can be thought of as the temporal analogs of the homeotic genes, which regulate spatial dimensions (e.g., anterior-posterior, dorsal-ventral axes) during development of metazoans.
In addition, Argonaute1 plays a central role in the posttranscriptional gene silencing of CURLYLEAF (CLF), encoding a Polycomb group protein that maintains the repression of both KNOTTED-like homeobox (KNOX) genes and homeotic genes AG and APETALA3 (AP3) in vegetative leaves, and in pollen development [21, 22].
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