homeostatic mechanism

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homeostatic mechanism,

n physiologic control system that uses negative feedback to maintain dynamic balance.
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Staff meetings should not be scheduled in the morning for those working the night shift; doing so impacts the homeostatic mechanism, further increasing the sleep load.
Ocular surface immunity: Homeostatic mechanisms and their disruption in dry eye disease.
Etiology of root resorption and the homeostatic mechanisms of the periodontal ligament.
Ovarian hormones alterations along the menstrual cycle are associated with corresponding significant changes in multiple neuro-humoral homeostatic mechanisms regulating the cardiovascular system.
Building on premises congenial to the non-cognitivist tradition, we make the following claims: (1) In paradigmatic cases, wrongness-judgments constitute a certain complex but functionally unified state, and paradigmatic wrongness-judgments form a functional kind, preserved by homeostatic mechanisms.
Some researchers believe that in other disorders, including autism and schizophrenia, a failure in such homeostatic mechanisms keeps synapses from functioning properly.
All body-centered therapeutic disciplines have the same objective: to manually regulate homeostatic mechanisms.
Potassium is the principal intracellular cation, and maintenance of its distribution between the intracellular and the extracellular compartments relies on several homeostatic mechanisms.
Euthyroid status is required for regulatory homeostatic mechanisms and biological energy metabolism.
2]-EDTA on calcium homeostatic mechanisms in birds has been published, to our knowledge.
Furthermore, Cu absorption and homeostatic mechanisms are very different between bovine and porcine species (Wapnir, 1998; Spears, 2003) but both species are sensitive to pulmonary hypertension at high altitude.