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However, another accepted method for the assessment of systemic IR is the Homeostatic model assessment-Insulin resistance (HOMA-IR).
The elderly are more sensitive because of deterioration in physiologic, biochemical, immunologic, and homeostatic parameters, which affects their ability to defend against environmental stresses.
The latter two groups have been shown to differ in the amount of homeostatic sleep pressure (Aeschbach, Cajochen, Landolt and Borbely, 1996).
The coefficients of variation for most parameters were less than 5%, suggesting that these parameters are less variable around the homeostatic set point intraindividually and interindividually.
The phrase "stray light" refers to the introduction of an unexpected element of light in an optical system, suggesting the mediating role of the photographer and his light-catching apparatus in the apparently homeostatic environment of the Johnson Publishing offices.
Possessed by certain homeostatic eccentricities, She prefers to avoid definite lines that Trace the body, especially in sunlight.
In the third and fourth semesters, students take technical writing, basic pharmacology and homeostatic physiology, as well as additional courses and labs in Evoked Potential, polysomnography, and electroneurodiagnostic clinical science.
A rat cleans and takes care of her newborn pubs as if they were within her basic homeostatic ambit--her homeostatic emotions of pain and fear are triggered when pups are at risk as if her own well-being was threatened.
The homeostatic setting point for an analyte varies from person to person.
These results demonstrate that, in a captive situation, celiotomy and intracoelomic transmitter implantation caused minimal detectable homeostatic disturbance in this species and that western grebes can survive implantation of intracoelomic transmitters with percutaneous antennae.
Other topics include the homeostatic role of the parasympathetic nervous system in human behavior, multiple neuronal and glial mechanisms that can be involved in the response to the activation of nicotinic receptors, an inverse relationship of the underlying mechanism in epilepsy and cognitive functions, hereditary chroroidal dystrophies, vagus nerve stimulation in food intake control, and how proteomics helps elucidate the causes of schizophrenia.
The sleep/wake cycle is not governed solely by the circadian system; successive hours of wakefulness produce an increasing sleep pressure referred to as the homeostatic sleep drive.