The set of processes by which imbalances and other defects in ontogeny are corrected before development is completed.
[homeo- + G. rheos, stream, current]
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Conrad, English embryologist and geneticist, 1905-1975.
waddingtonian homeostasis - Synonym(s): homeorrhesis
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Serres envisions suffering as "a set of signals which opens up a path of readaptation or strategies for the repair, for the rebalancing, of the homeorrhesis" (literally "same flow") (Hermes, p.
In the former, the poet-priest hopes that the sacraments will preserve this impressionable soldier's "starlight order," offering up a dedicatory prayer for maintenance of homeorrhesis: that this lad, filled with promises of "overflowing I Boon," made more keen from priestly "bestowing," "not rankle and roam I In backwheels." Hopkins transfers his own sexual anxiety to the lad, whose "Breathing bloom of a chastity in mansex fine" needs to be properly managed.