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A medical practitioner of homeopathy.
Synonym(s): homeopath
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A medical practitioner of homeopathy.
Synonym(s): homeopath.
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, homeopathist (hō′mē-ō-păth″, hō-mē-ŏp′ă-thĭst)
One who practices homeopathy.
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I am a Homeopathist, and somebody else's patient--in that permanent way in which we cling to the Doctor who has done the most for us although he cannot cure us--and I am tied here at home; and to come to Philadelphia for treatment would be impossible in itself even were it not all as it is, otherwise:--but I should like very much to ask you a few questions about the outcome of my condition.
A IT is very difficult to advise by letter in a case such as yours and, I therefore advise you to seek the advice of a registered homeopathist, who could discuss your case in detail with you and advise accordingly.
He added: "I've a brilliant homeopathist in Durham who helped with the leg no end when it was fractured, and I was anxious for her to take a look at the problem.
Birmingham homeopathist Mr Melvyn Smith said: 'Weather creates national characteristics and we are becoming more miserable and down as a nation as our summers continue to be poor.'
A Homeopathist treats people with alternative therapies like acupuncture and herbal remedies.
A Homeopathist Vicky Burley says: I suspect your doctor has recommended 'rubber band ligation', and I can understand you're not keen on the treatment.