homeless person

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homeless person

an individual who has no permanent home, haven, or domicile. Such individuals usually are indigent and depend on charity or public assistance for temporary lodging and medical care. An estimated 30% of homeless persons suffer from some type of mental disorder. See also indigence.

home·less per·son

(hōm'lĕs pĕr'sŏn)
A colloquial term describing a person of no fixed residence; such people generally have little access to health care and are often beset with multiple psychological, physical, and addictive disorders. Their lack of mailing address generally makes follow-up difficult, so those with chronic illnesses remain sick, get sicker, and in the case of those with infectious diseases (e.g., TB) represent a continuing threat to others.
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Serum samples collected from 490 homeless persons in 2003, 2005, and 2006 in 2 shelters in Marseille (online Appendix Table, www.
Whenever I have spoken to a homeless person, I have often found them to have gentle qualities, positively looking towards the future and sometimes they are more down to earth and pleasant than others who have everything.
Because of poor living conditions and limited access to healthcare systems, homeless persons are exposed to many communicable infections.
All the trimmings" will ensure a homeless person can not only get a good Christmas dinner but can also see a doctor, dentist, talk to a counsellor, have their hair done and take part in a range of activities and training opportunities that may one day lead to a job.
Under current guidelines, any property that a homeless person can carry with them -- even if it takes several trips -- cannot be removed as trash.
If a homeless person seems especially open to help, and helping others, the Felts will take the person into their own home.
The largest cluster (I) originated with a case diagnosed in a homeless person in Denver who had stopped treatment in another state in 1990; the same strain was detected in 11 additional cases in homeless persons over a 6-year period and was also detected in 7 cases in nonhomeless persons, the first 2 of which were nosocomially acquired in 1992.
If one claims to be a follower of Jesus, one does not pour water over a homeless person sleeping on the steps of a church in winter, in summer, any time.
Lauren Jane Duggan Not every homeless person is a risk to people
Ben Winter Whoever this homeless person is obviously felt ashamed and embarrassed about being in the position he was in so why has this guy taken it upon himself to brag about his generosity and post it all over Facebook and the internet?
The 3 eggs that were removed from the hair of a mono-infested homeless person whose samples tested positive for B.
DONATE a winter coat, jumper or fleece to a homeless person.

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