homeless person

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home·less per·son

(hōm'lĕs pĕr'sŏn)
A colloquial term describing a person of no fixed residence; such people generally have little access to health care and are often beset with multiple psychological, physical, and addictive disorders. Their lack of mailing address generally makes follow-up difficult, so those with chronic illnesses remain sick, get sicker, and in the case of those with infectious diseases (e.g., TB) represent a continuing threat to others.
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A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "Police were called after bedding believed to belong to a homeless person was set alight in Upper Precinct, Coventry city centre, just before 10.30pm on Friday (23 August).
Officers saw him hand out two objects to a known homeless person in exchange for money.
The fire, near Bordesley Circus, happened at around 3.30pm and involved a homeless person's tent.
To be eligible for a bus pass, a homeless person must prove he's working toward stabilizing his life and getting off the streets.
That somehow, by stopping to speak to a homeless person, the problem of homelessness was solved.
A homeless person was led to safety after a fire in the upper levels of a multi-storey car park in the early hours of Monday morning (May 14).
Besides, if I give money to the same homeless person every day, does that person then become officially a dependent of mine?
Another homeless person, Rakesh Kumar wrote:"We homeless people too contribute in the nation building."
Carrianne said: "With these donations I will be making up a winter box for each homeless person that comes in.
Give warm clothes and blankets: One of the easiest ways to help a homeless person during the winter months is by donating clothes, shoes and blankets to people sleeping on the streets.

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