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Restricted or confined to home: homebound invalids.


adjective A status in which there is a normal inability to leave home and leaving home requires a considerable and taxing effort. To be so defined, absences from the home must be infrequent, of short duration and usually to receive medical care not available at home—e.g., haemodialysis or chemotherapy.

A patient paralysed from a stroke; one who is blind or senile; one who has lost use of the upper extremities and thus unable to open doors, use handrails, etc.

Patient discussion about homebound

Q. Can a Chiropractor tell if your organs are shutting down?

A. She told me that because my spine is out of line so much, that it's causing my organs to shut down. I have been having bladder problems. I really think she is just trying to scare me.

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Lonely is great for us but not for our homebound church members.
A nursing facility may use its existing menus as the basis for homebound client menus, since the menu is prepared and revised annually under the auspices of a registered dietitian.
This grant will help ensure homebound seniors are not put on a waiting list; rather they are able to rely on consistent meal deliveries and the comforts our dedicated volunteers provide each day
Improving the medical home experience by providing access to affordable and convenient health care is a growing essential service for our homebound senior customers, and based on the successful relationship and results we ve shared with Alegis Care since 2009, I m pleased to announce this acquisition that is highly complementary to our business strategy, Cigna-HealthSpring President Herb Fritch said.
Everybody loves them, and they help us fulfill a great need in our community for homebound seniors.
Meals on Wheels will deliver two meals a day for $8 to any homebound person regardless of age or financial status.
DENVER -- This Saturday, December 9, 2006, over 600 volunteers will gather to assemble and then deliver 5,000 beautiful fruit baskets to homebound elderly.
PEARBLOSSOM - Pearblossom Community United Methodist Church members will sing Christmas carols Sunday evening for homebound congregation members.
So she fills up her gas tank - at $45 a pop - and drives over to the ONE Intergenerational Center in Van Nuys to load her car up with hot meals for 15 homebound seniors.
To qualify for the program, seniors must be 60 or older, homebound, unable to cook for themselves and not living with anyone who can cook for them, and they must be under a doctor's care.
Grace employees are provided with paid time off to volunteer at Meals on Wheels to help deliver groceries and meals to homebound county residents.