word element [Gr.], similar; same; unchanging.
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Finally, in October 2006, six residents of Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco filed suit seeking release to home- and community-based resources they claimed were readily available in the city and a reasonable alternative to an expensive planned replacement facility.
"Home- and community-based services are really the future of caring for the elderly on a long term basis," says Jane Fields, senior vice president of the Lifecare Services Division.
Ironically, unless the government first targets its scarce LTC resources effectively to th e needy, any other efforts to finance home- and community-based services through Medicaid or Medicare will either remain tiny and underfinanced (as heretofore), or they will do more damage than good by impeding the potential sources for private financing of long-term care, which include home equity conversion, private LTC insurance, and personal savings and investment.
(As one of our board members said the other day, 'Why do states have to get Medicaid waivers for home- and community-based services--why shouldn't they have to get waivers to put people in institutions?') Another issue here is competing resources--some people will always need nursing home or other institutional care because of their medical condition or lack of family support; we have to continue our focus on quality nursing home care while advocating for alternatives for those who need and can use them.
* expanded the state's participation in the Medicaid home- and community-based care waiver program (PASSPORT) for the aged and disabled;
Home- and community-based services include home health care, homemaking assistance, skilled nursing, meal delivery, an emergency response system, adult day care, referral to home improvement/maintenance service vendors (many of whom give senior discounts) and more; service levels are based upon need and choice.
The provision at risk is a proposed revision of Title XV of the Social Security Act that would require government-financed home- and community-based services to be provided to all individuals with severe disabilities, regardless of income or age.
The man who called for a 25% reduction in nursing home beds, a shift of ownership from for-profit to non-profit, and an emphasis on home- and community-based care?
The bias of the Clinton Administration toward home- and community-based services is well known.