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A typical small home page costs at least $90 per month, after development and initial setup Prices for sites with larger data storage needs and a higher number of monthly visitors rise sharply.
Maybe they could incorporate a colorful campus snapshot on the home page, instead?
California City Middle School is among three schools in the Mojave Unified School District that have established a home page or are in the process of publishing one.
As you surf the Web, make notes about the home pages you like.
Placed prominently on the home page are links to two strong selling points for any community college--quick certification (Fast Track/Career in a Year), and ability to easily continue on to a bachelor's degree (Begin Your Bachelor's at SUNY Rockland).
In recent years, colleges of all sizes have joined the march to provide Internet users with access to information via a home page.
The new home page has a list of links on the left-hand side of the page to the most requested pages.
Among the headings on its home page are ``weariness'' and ``loneliness,'' which draw visitors into a conversation with a minister devoted to counseling and, ultimately, converting.