home, returning to

home, re·turn·ing to

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Miss Sanders, aged 31, said she faced a frustrating wait until Wednesday to get a flight and then faces a gruelling three-day journey home, returning to Birmingham on Saturday.
As part of Radio 1's DJs Go Home, returning to 800pupil Waid proved a natural choice for Edith, who will arrive in Fife with co-host Colin Murray.
He has been spending days at home, returning to hospital each evening.
Louise Erdrich once mused that Native American literature is often about coming home, returning to the land, the language and love of ancient traditions--a theme opposite of Western literature, which is about embarking on a journey, finding adventures beyond one's beginnings.
Donald is likely to feel at home, returning to the ground where he has played for Warwickshire for 12 years and returning to the city where he has settled after marrying a local woman.