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By Hassan Shingali Just as Friday and Saturday are sacred in Islam and Christianity, respectively, so Wednesday is a holy day for the Yazidi, who still perform their rituals on that day.
It is uncertain what Bartel meant when he referred to 12/12/12 as a holy day or why he chose a pentagram, a five-sided star that it typically a symbol for pagan groups, to carve on the back of his 6-year-old boy.
On the first holy day of Eid, insurgents again killed more innocent ordinary civilians who were on their way to be with their families.
Days before the Holy Day, I ended up slogging through the crowded shopping malls, baby in tow.
The Baha'is of Kirklees celebrated a holy day marking the birth of the Bcb, one of their first great leaders.
The work will be completed in time for the Congregation to celebrate the Holy Day season in the Sanctuary and Beth-El Chapel.
But doing it while declaring "Diversity Day" is reminiscent of every petty dictator who ever waited for his enemy's wedding day to have him arrested or rounded up a rival faction just as they were celebrating their high holy day.
With the arrival of Easter, the most significant Christian holy day, it can be expected that anti-religion secularists will ratchet up attacks on the Christian faith.
The early-European diet depended on fishing because the widely observed Christian doctrine dictated that no meat be consumed on any holy day, Wednesday, or Friday or at any time during Lent.
The members of the Baha'i faith in Caerphilly will be celebrating a holy day on Thursday, October 20.
The appeals court held that the agency's religious accommodation policy was rationally related to legitimate government objectives and that the inability of YEA inmates to assemble on every Sabbath and holy day did not "substantially burden" the practice of their religion in violation of RLUIPA.