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Pertaining to a member of the Holometabola, a series of insect orders in which complex or complete metamorphosis is found.
[holo- + G. metabolē, change]
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Mecoptera is a holometabolous order of insect consisting of nine families with more than 600 extant species and a world-wide distribution (Whiting, 2002).
Two lessons are needed for the explanation of the objectives of the study (e.g., beetle development as holometabolous insects, life-history trade-offs, and importance of nutritional quality; use Sokoloff, 1974).
For sweep-net collections (Table 1), there was no significant difference in captures of moths between control and treatment plots in both corn ([F.sub.1,108] = 0.16, P = 0.69) and cotton fields ([F.sub.1,288] = 0.71, P = 0.40), In corn, date was a significant covariate (F1,108 = 6.72, P , 0.01), likely due to the holometabolous life cycle of H.
The four holometabolous taxa he evaluates suggest an earlier age for complete metamorphosis than estimated by either molecular or prior fossil dating.
Grasshoppers represent a wonderful system to address all sorts of interesting evolutionary questions, and it is certainly possible to attract enthusiastic students to grasshopper systematics, rather than losing them to the already saturated fields of major holometabolous insects.
Many holometabolous insects exhibit similar behavior, but neuropterans are unusual because their silk is produced by Malpighian tubules (excretory organs) and spun from the anus.
2004), and longevity (Boggs 1997) of many holometabolous insects (such as Lepidoptera).
The larvae of holometabolous insects are marked with an asterisk.
5 HOLOMETABOLOUS (Walter Brasher, 2002) A tossed nickel miraculously lands on its edge then explodes, killing a bookie; a female hitchhiker is picked up by a man literally nailed into his car; a deaf martial arts expert uses sign language to decapitate an assailant.
Butterflies, like other holometabolous insects, derive nutrients used for reproduction primarily from larval feeding with a varying degree of supplement from adult feeding.