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A three-dimensional image produced by wavefront reconstruction and recorded on a photographic plate.
[holo- + G. gramma, something written]


A three-dimensional image produced by wavefront reconstruction and recorded on a photographic plate.
[holo- + G. gramma, something written]


A technique for obtaining a stereoscopic image of an object without the use of lenses. It consists of recording on a photographic plate the pattern of interference between coherent light reflected from the object and light that comes directly from the same source (or is reflected from a mirror). The coherent light is usually provided by a laser. The photographic recording on the plate (called a hologram) when illuminated with coherent light yields an image that is identical in amplitude and phase distribution with the original wave from the object. It thus provides a three-dimensional image of the object in the sense that the observer's eyes must refocus to examine foreground and background and indeed 'look around' objects by simply moving the head laterally.
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