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Previous research has also indicated that female students are more influenced by both their parents' and teachers' perceptions and pay more attention than males to advice given to them by their teachers and their parents (Dickens, 1990; Hess, Hollowly et al.
In this, as in his earlier works -- My Country Is The World (1961), World Government: Ready or Not (1985) and Passport to Freedom (1992) -- Davis has put into practice what politicians glibly and hollowly preach, that the time has come for "a new world order.
Sounds temporary indeed," muttered Satorious hollowly.
Those who were there, Celtic and Kilmarnock fans, did their best to create an atmosphere but in truth, their songs and chants rung hollowly and a little eerily round this ghost stadium.
The leaves are a single leaf, a putative leaf, the solitary straggler that so sentimentally installed itself in nineteenth-century poetry but that here rattles soundlessly, hollowly as Eliot's "metal leaves / Before the urban dawn wind unresisting.
The ghostly shrapnel bursts resounded hollowly against the hillsides, and momentarily lit up its white vapour.
I think Bernie is right; the Cardinals have missed many opportunities, and their excuses ring very hollowly - more hollowly, of course, in a full stadium than in an empty one.
143-144, while admitting it to be "an all-out assault on Utilitarianism," considers the optimistic, sentimental ending to "ring as hollowly as Tennyson's grooves of change" in "Locksley Hall.
That is why the FN, while declaring somewhat hollowly that France should remain on terms of friendship with the US, rejects the idea of the New World Order, denounces the EU's endorsement of American pressure for generalized free trade, execrates the insidious penetration of debased American culture via the media, and calls for resistance to 'l'Amerique, ennemi des peuples'.
delegation, infuriated by rumors of Johnson's selection, threatened hollowly to tear the convention apart.
She runs into a smooth young flirt, a hollowly genial divorce, a pair of sisters bickering over their dead mother's effects, a romantically desperate partygoer who's about to gulp the other bottle of gin.
The phone just rings and rings, hollowly and eternally, at the headquarters of his besieged company, the Quadro Corporation of Harleyville, South Carolina.