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The voluntary interruption of a routine activity, usually understood to mean work
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12-14, while the National Science Museum will give a 50 percent discount on ticket purchases during the holiday season.
Key findings indicate that despite weather challenges, this was a winning holiday season for retail overall; however, the story was different category by category:
The holiday season is also typically the time when consumption is at its peak.
Robbie Barrera said all available troopers will be working during the holiday season.
Food often takes center stage during the holiday season, however, for people with autism who may have a limited diet, those holiday meals can be overwhelming.
A damaged tree might not make it through the holiday season.
The PNP is reinforcing focused police operations against street crimes and other forms of criminal activity that are prevalent during the holiday season.
( Why Target Could Be the Big Winner in Toys This Holiday Season
For a safe and happy holiday season, take the step of recycling your used batteries.
And it would not coincide with the holiday season for voters.
THSR will still maintain the discounts for early birds and college students during the Chinese New Year holiday season. Passengers purchase tickets 5 to 28 days in advance will have opportunities to enjoy 50%, 20% or 10% discounts off the original prices, the company said.
These symptoms, which affect both young and old, are brought by the dropping of temperature which peaks during the holiday season.