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Q. What does depression cause? and how can i get out of the black hole i got my self into ...?

A. What does it cause: a loss of interest in things that were previously routine, withdrawal for social situations, withdrawal from friends and family, avoiding confrontations, avoiding stressful situations, diffuculty making decisions, feelings of deep despair and sadness, unhealthy guilt. The list does not end there.

How do I get out of this hole: See your medical doctor for evaluation and followup routinely. Take your medication on time everyday. Be patient with yourself. Try to let go of unneccessary guilt, or resentments and anger from past experiences. Forgive others who may have hurt you. Forgive them from your heart. Try to make amends to others you may have hurt. Take time in your day to reflect on things and try to resolve to do better. Don't give up. If you fall down, get back up and go at it again. A good nights sleep is very beneficial. So is exercise or physical activity. Walking is very good.

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Using a novel approach, scientists in IBM labs developed the Holey Optochip by fabricating 48 holes through a standard silicon CMOS chip.
From left: Professor Liz Holey, Juliet Amos, vice-chancellor Graham Henderson, Malcolm Page and Michael Lavery
According to the Associated Press (AP), Holey, 43, encouraged her son and daughter-in-law to commit suicide, filled a prescription for a powerful painkiller, drove them to an abandoned farmhouse April 9, and instructed them in how to use the drugs to kill themselves.
It is smooth on the bottom, holey on the top, and pocketed with craters inside just waiting to soak up delectable toppings.
Also pictured, Holey Cow harks to cattle mutilations on Colorado's plains, speculated to be the gory work of bored aliens.
Sandra Holey, chief executive of Refuge, stunned ministers and police at the round-table discussion in central London with a verbal assault on the Government's record.
CRACKED: Tooting track; HOLEY INADEQUATE: White Hart nets; BRICKBATS: Rubble at 'quality' venue; TAPPED: Tottenham showers fit criteria; NO LOVE LOST: Neglected tennis courts in South West London; PREMIER DIVISION: Rusty roller and boarding by broken bleachers at White Hart Lane
Black ones, spotted ones, holey ones, even ones featuring the Sydney Harbour Bridge, every conceivable design is on display throughout the city as part of the Go Superlambananas project.
Touted as the world's first microwaveable, ultra-lowfat gourmet doughnut, Holey Donuts ($23.
Designed to fit the geography curriculum for Key Stage Two upwards pupils are guided through the activities by a host of colourful characters, including Holey Moley and Bob the Pirate.
Best evokes a Boy's Own world of muddy pitches, holey socks and striker heroics that is so wholesome it borders on parody and he is blunt and bitter in his condemnation of the celebrity-obsessed circus of today's game.
Holey mass Astronomers measured the mass of the most-distant black hole known (163: 317).