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Q. What does depression cause? and how can i get out of the black hole i got my self into ...?

A. What does it cause: a loss of interest in things that were previously routine, withdrawal for social situations, withdrawal from friends and family, avoiding confrontations, avoiding stressful situations, diffuculty making decisions, feelings of deep despair and sadness, unhealthy guilt. The list does not end there.

How do I get out of this hole: See your medical doctor for evaluation and followup routinely. Take your medication on time everyday. Be patient with yourself. Try to let go of unneccessary guilt, or resentments and anger from past experiences. Forgive others who may have hurt you. Forgive them from your heart. Try to make amends to others you may have hurt. Take time in your day to reflect on things and try to resolve to do better. Don't give up. If you fall down, get back up and go at it again. A good nights sleep is very beneficial. So is exercise or physical activity. Walking is very good.

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That one was the most impressive of the bunch, as Mattiace holed out a 30-foot bunker shot that barely cleared the lip of the greenside hazard and rolled into the cup.
It was Garcia, though, who holed a 7-footer on the 18th hole to salvage a tie for the European team and send Garcia and Parnevik into another gleeful