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v to possess by reason of a lawful title.
hold harmless clause,
n a contract provision in which one party to the contract promises to be responsible for liability incurred by the other party. Hold harmless clauses frequently appear in the following contexts: (1) Contracts between dental benefits organizations and an individual dental professional often contain a promise by the dental professional to reimburse the dental benefits organization for any liability the organization incurs because of dental treatment provided to beneficiaries of the organization's dental benefits plan. This may include a promise to pay the dental benefits organization's attorney fees and related costs. (2) Contracts between dental benefits organizations and a group plan sponsor may include a promise by the dental benefits organization to assume responsibility for disputes between a beneficiary of the group plan and an individual dental professional when the dental professional's charge exceeds the amount the organization pays for the service on behalf of the beneficiary. If the dental professional takes action against the patient to recover the difference between the amount billed by the dental professional and the amount paid by the organization, the dental benefits organization will take over the defense of the claim and will pay any judgments and court costs.
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Also holding forth is a full spectrum of political advocates ranging from far left to far right, from Progressive to Patriot (the list includes Variety's Ted Johnson).
Danny simultaneously appeals to rap heads and people who don't like rap, holding forth with the new guard (The Pack, Odd Future, Das Racist, Ninjasonik) while having also collaborated with Tony Yayo and almost getting signed to 50 Cent's G-Unit.
ONE of our selection of Prime Ministers was holding forth the other day, on the subject of changing the clocks backwards and forwards in Spring and Autumn.
You find that there is an idiot beyond words, an idiot who knows nothing about music who has a kind of mild enthusiasm about music, holding forth and telling us what he doesn't know during the interval" Art critic Brian Sewell criticising the choice of TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh to anchor the BBC's coverage of the Proms "The myth-making ranges from the misleading to the mendacious to the downright ludicrous" Former Health Minister Lord Darzi and Tom Kibasi, an honorary lecturer at Imperial College London, attack "bizarre allegations" about the NHS in the US "People use the word 'diva' to imply a female star who behaves badly.
HEATHER MILLS, estranged wife of Paul McCartney, has been in every paper and TV channel holding forth on how she is a wronged woman, describing herself as a "dormant volcano about to explode", mouth wide open, nostrils flared and pupils dilated.
Therefore, holding forth that our "unity" must be upheld is simply an illusion that we have created for ourselves.