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Luther, English anatomist, 1815-1905. See: Holden line.
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Mint Condition, the first ever car show to be held at the Mint, will showcase classic Holden cars from the 1950s to the 1990s evoking memories and nostalgia from many.
It is alleged that on July 4, 2014, Mr Holden attended an emergency call to a women who had threatened to harm herself.
Brook will assume additional responsibility for Holden Service Parts Operations, the Customer Satisfaction and Service Retention Team and also Holden New Zealand, in addition to his current role of managing the Holden sales and marketing teams.
Holden wants to do a 'pre-season' in Bolton in a hurry, and get back playing by the start of November.
Our export volumes have declined since the effects of the global economic crisis took hold in the third quarter of 2008, and we have worked very hard to match supply to reduced demand during this challenging period," Holden spokesman Jonathan Rose told Gulf News.
It is hard now to appreciate the power that Whitman exerted over a whole generation, and harder still to understand why Bolton, where Holden was born in 1875, should have been the English centre for Whitmania.
An investigation revealed that Williams was the prime suspect in the abduction and killing of Megan Holden in Texas.
When arrested, Holden told cops: "It all started as handbags at dawn.
Ironically, the comment of one editor who rejected Catcher for publication is suggestive of the nature of this revolt: "Is Holden Caulfield supposed to be crazy?
With strong products, increasing market share and rising profits, Holden has gained favor with GM'S top brass who say the world's No.
BRANCHING BANTU Clare Janaki Holden, an anthropologist at University College London in England, has used the phylogenetic method to produce a tree of 75 Bantu languages, which are spoken in the southern half of Africa.