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v to possess by reason of a lawful title.
hold harmless clause,
n a contract provision in which one party to the contract promises to be responsible for liability incurred by the other party. Hold harmless clauses frequently appear in the following contexts: (1) Contracts between dental benefits organizations and an individual dental professional often contain a promise by the dental professional to reimburse the dental benefits organization for any liability the organization incurs because of dental treatment provided to beneficiaries of the organization's dental benefits plan. This may include a promise to pay the dental benefits organization's attorney fees and related costs. (2) Contracts between dental benefits organizations and a group plan sponsor may include a promise by the dental benefits organization to assume responsibility for disputes between a beneficiary of the group plan and an individual dental professional when the dental professional's charge exceeds the amount the organization pays for the service on behalf of the beneficiary. If the dental professional takes action against the patient to recover the difference between the amount billed by the dental professional and the amount paid by the organization, the dental benefits organization will take over the defense of the claim and will pay any judgments and court costs.
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It is almost inconceivable that anyone of good faith could live on a college campus unaware of the repression, legal inequality, intrusions into private conscience, and malignant double standards that hold sway there," write Kors and Silverglate.
In the Mendelssohn, I still prefer Perlman and Previn (EMI), and in the Sibelius, Heifetz and Hendl (RCA) hold sway.
This ghostly glow belies the fiery nature of the corona, a place where vast, arching magnetic fields hold sway and bursts of high- energy radiation stream into interplanetary space.
It rebuts Adorno; poetry can hold sway after Auschwitz.
And among national and international firms, customized products hold sway.
This is why the oil industry continues to hold sway over energy policy and the drug industry has blocked reform that would lower prices for Americans.