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Referring to a 2-dimensional (when seen on glass slides of imaging) or 3-dimensional jutting of mutiple large rounded masses above a flattened surface
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And as he walked across the churchyard towards the pub he heard Jack's hobnails retreating slowly and deliberately towards the old library.
Slapping his knees and wiping tears from his eyes, he declared that he'd put a couple of hobnails in them and wear them for work.
Sir Humphry said: "He is a high professional going up in fantastic conditions and well done him but it covers up the amazement of these people going up in hobnails and their tweed.
An account of hobnails for shoes called "little gallics".
He has built a reputation as a thug and insensitive loudmouth who revels in picking a fight with his own side and can't see a problem without stamping all over it with his size-12 hobnails.