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Referring to a 2-dimensional (when seen on glass slides of imaging) or 3-dimensional jutting of mutiple large rounded masses above a flattened surface
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just as the speaker in "Hazkarat neshamot" stressed the moon's disinterested scratching of its face on the dead soldiers' hobnailed boots.
It is very, very tough and Mallory and Irvine were dressed in gabardine and wore hobnailed boots," the Sky News quoted Houlding as saying.
26) Since soldiers usually played in hobnailed army boots, the balls did not last long.
137), Sales presents us with an alternative Clare, not the hobnailed peasant we already know and love, but a Regency lad, constructed for and appropriated by the literary market place: 'Clare's excessive drinking, laddism and passion for bareknuckle were all part of his identity as a particular kind of Regency male writer [.
He has one of his heavy, hobnailed boots on the back of Latin America while the other boot stands on the back of Southeast Asia.
More than one million steel-helmeted invaders charged shoulder to shoulder as fast as a man in soggy leather hobnailed boots can run across a treeless, grassless, lifeless no man's land, rechurning 100 kilometers of muddy Belgian earth into a virtual sea of death.
I can't tell you for sure whether to get on the hobnailed betting boots until I've had a drink with the two Andreas tonight (see tomorrow's paper).
The problem is not that we walk; the problem is our hobnailed boots.
She is wearing a long-sleeved print blouse, a long denim skirt, hobnailed boots, a holstered revolver, an ammo belt, and a big hunting knife.
As the monitors shouted: "Left, right, left, lift 'em up or face the wall," the thundering sound of hobnailed boots echoed loudly through the frosty air.
The man begs exception because of his ponderous hobnailed boots, which make balance on cement precarious but grip the muddy sides of hills well.
Glass vendors hit the mark with offerings including milk glass, printed designs such as roosters and cherries and hobnailed relief.