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Symbol for photon, and represents photon energy, where h = Planck's constant and ν = frequency of electromagnetic wave.
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1-10 (holotype female and 2 paratype females from Guangxi, China, deposited in HNU, not examined); Chen et al.
While the NSED in this quarter was centered in Ilo-ilo, local authorities in consultation with the OCD picked HNU, one of the schools in Tagbilaran with huge population which may become an evacuation concern.
Estepa, HNU president, said he hopes there will be an exchange of knowledge on new issues, current trends affecting the tourism industry.
More information: HNU, 617-964-6690; fax: 617-558-0056.
We have to monitor areas, such as schools as big as HNU, since they have a big population, Balaba added.
We are not only saving electric bill, but HNU is helping conserving the environment.
To date, HNU Systems has sold more than 1,600 Hanby field-test kits to detect gasoline, crude oil, PCBs, and other contaminants in water and soil.
More than one thousand students and teachers of the Holy Name University (HNU) in Tagbilaran City participated in the TNT Tropang Ready disaster preparedness caravan initiated by the PLDT wireless unit at Smart Communications.
At the university of applied sciences neu-ulm (hnu) a new building is being built.
Painting work of main kitchen and HNU corridor) at AIIMS.