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Symbol for photon, and represents photon energy, where h = Planck's constant and ν = frequency of electromagnetic wave.
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1-10 (holotype female and 2 paratype females from Guangxi, China, deposited in HNU, not examined); Chen et al.
Therese Hipple, marketing manager for HNU Systems, Newton, MA, says the company's new Windows-based image acquisition and analysis system "gives you electronic imaging and x-ray, at the price of just one.
We appreciate Professor McKay generously sharing his knowledge and practical experience with the students and faculty of HNU.
I ran out to my lab, and in about 10 minutes I proved to myself that it would work down to parts per million in water," says Hanby, who is the technical director at HNU Systems Inc.
manufacturer and developer of large-format lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, today announced they have recently teamed with HNU Energy (www.
Painting work of main kitchen and HNU corridor) at AIIMS.