hitting the wall

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The depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifests itself by abrupt fatigue and loss of energy
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hit·ting the wall

(hit'ing wawl)
A term athletes use to describe an abrupt decline in the ability to maintain the desired intensity of endurance exercise performance; associated with accumulation of blood lactate and depletion of liver and muscle glycogen reserves.
See also: fatigue
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Hitting the wall occurs when stored carbohydrates are completely depleted, forcing the body to start burning fat.
Former world champion Villeneuve crashed twice last weekend at Hockenheim, effectively eliminating team-mate Nick Heidfeld on the first lap before hitting the wall mid-race.
Author and breast cancer survivor Barbara Glacel presents Hitting The Wall: Memoir of a Cancer Journey, a personal memoir that offers hew own experiences and coping strategies for dealing with the many aspects of cancer diagnosis and treatment.
``The impact of the car hitting the wall smashed it to smithereens and sent bricks all over the place.''
``I speak from experience of hitting the wall four times in 15 marathons - all run after the age of 42.