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1. in library science, a retrieved document relevant to a search question that has been posed.
2. slang term for a single dose of a drug, used in reference to drug abuse.

heparin-induced thrombocytopenia with thrombosis (HIT)

arterial and venous clots that may develop after five days of unfractionated heparin therapy; caused by the production of anti-heparin-platelet factor 4 antibodies.
(1) Hit
Drug slang noun A small dose of any illicit psychotropic drug
Genetics noun See Lethal hit
Informatics noun A ‘visit’ to a particular website, the frequency of which reflects the popularity of a particular service or website; a single request from a web browser for a single item from a web server
Vox populi verb To strike a person
(2) HIT
Abbreviation for
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia
Hirudin in Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia
Hirudin for the Improvement of Thrombolysis
High-density-lipoprotein cholesterol Intervention Trial of the Department of Veterans Affairs


Cardiovascular disease Either of 2 clinical trials:
1. HDL-cholesterol Intervention Trial–which evaluated the effect of gemfibrozil therapy on M&M in Pts with CAD; those with ↓ HDL-C often had ↑ TGs; conclusion Gemfibrozil ↓ mortality by 22%.
2. Hirudin for Improvement of Thrombolysis Medtalk Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.


Substance abuse A small dose of any illicit psychotropic drug


Abbreviation for Holtzman Inkblot Test.

Patient discussion about hit

Q. What are the reasons for my weight which hit a plateau? My weight loss remains at a stable level of achievement (plateau). What are the reasons for my weight which hit a plateau?

A. weight plateau can be a hard stage to pass...it's very hard to come to the fact that even when you try hard it doesn't do anything. so here are some tips of how to move on and go through that stage-

i tried 2 of those tips and they work.

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TORONTO -- So this is what it looks like when a team works counts, waits for hittable pitches and, when it gets them, simply drives them up the middle.
The Angels fouled off some pitches that were hittable, and six of their first nine outs were on hard-hit balls.
If the Dodgers ever had the chance to be that winning team against the Angels, it was on a day when Weaver (6-3) was so strangely hittable.
Throwing some fastballs that aren't 95 that are eminently hittable, but guys are reacting differently to them.
They tried moving career leadoff man Juan Pierre to eighth in the batting order, an anonymous, time-clock-and-lunch- bucket spot that commands little in the way of recognition and even less in the way of hittable pitches.
He added: "It wasn't a conscious decision to go after McGrath, he just bowled a few hittable balls that I managed to put away, although he had the last laugh by getting me out.
Led by Matt Slattery's strong hitting, the gang from Gardner, Westminster and Winchendon battled back from an early 5-1 deficit, but they could not get the big hit against Northboro's Robby Nicholas, who was very hittable, but tough in the clutch.
NEW YORK -- By the middle of the seventh inning, the Dodgers had overcome their embarrassing baserunning gaffe, their inability to hit the eminently hittable John Maine and a control-challenged performance by Derek Lowe that didn't last nearly long enough.
I can't remember more than four or five hittable pitches.