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A gene that has no selective advantage, or may even be harmful, but that nevertheless temporarily becomes widespread because it is closely linked and coupled with a highly advantageous gene that is strongly selected.
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Hitchhiking is a form of contentious mobility because it functions in a different way than the independence of automobility, where the car-driver is in the ultimate position of personal autonomy in regards to where they travel, how fast and to what end.
"I cannot fathom what kind of idiot picks up hitchhiking 11- and 14-year-old girls," she said in a social media post after the girls had been found.
The best thing I liked about the wedding is the gorgeous mosaic that combined people who wore the same casual clothes both while hitchhiking and at the wedding, the guys with dreadlocks, the women with headscarves, the men in suits and those with blue-colored hair.
Gavin Davies, the author of Ghost Sex, says he is investigating a spate of incidents where unsuspecting drivers are seduced by hitchhiking ghouls.
Continue reading "West Bank Culture of Hitchhiking Breeds a Sense of Community, and a Delusion of Safety" at...
"It's a story about hitchhiking." Okay, I thought ...
The lengthy journey will include two ferry crossings - but the 19-year-old will be hitchhiking her way across France and Spain.
Hawks is the world record holder for hitchhiking with a fridge while Mr Phoenix-Morrison was the first Great North Run competitor to complete the half-marathon while carrying an 88lb (40kg) fridge.
HITCHHIKING seems to have reached the end of the road, according to an AA/Populus survey.
Bacca departed from Milan in March 2008 together with a fellow artist Silvia Moro on a "Brides on Tour" journey, with both wearing bridal gowns and hitchhiking from Italy through southern Europe and the Middle East, with the intention of meeting up together at the end in Jerusalem.
This new episode sees Michael and Sarah gain first-hand experience of the dangers of hitchhiking as they head for Miami, while Christina tells Lincoln about her plan to take control of the Company.
Back in the days when Hector and I - and some of you - were pups, hitchhiking was often the only way to go for people of limited means.