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A gene that has no selective advantage, or may even be harmful, but that nevertheless temporarily becomes widespread because it is closely linked and coupled with a highly advantageous gene that is strongly selected.
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A Palestinian man standing next to the hitchhiker threw acid at both him and the family when the car stopped, it said.
Two hitchhikers who were robbed and dumped in the desert helped earn their alleged attackers a ride in a police car after stumbling across the gang in a roadside restaurant.
When a car came into view, the confederate was instructed to point his or her thumb up, the well-known hitchhiker signal in France, and to look along the side of the road.
A man from Christchurch, Dorset, has told police he picked her up as a hitchhiker and that she lived in his house for about six months.
Two teens, ages 15 and 17, told investigators they picked up a hitchhiker early Wednesday morning on Interstate 5 because he was carrying a gas can.
A TV series was generated from the last Hitchhiker book, Mostly Harmless, which was written 16 years ago.
The latter transcribe long-shrouded FBI interviews with various hitchhikers with whom Burgess caroused during the period from 1947 to 1951, conducted by agents seeking evidence of his treachery.
West Australian yachtsman Peter Briggs, who has retained ownership since he had the 41-footer built in 1980, announced today that he had initiated plans to transport Hitchhiker by road from Perth so he and his crew can be part of this year's Silver Jubilee.
He also learned that the hitchhiker he met had died 90 years ago .
Nebert and colleagues suspect that ZIP8 is normally responsible for the transport of other metals such as manganese and zinc, and that cadmium "participates as an opportunistic hitchhiker.
FOLK queen Kathryn Williams once picked up a hitchhiker who claimed to have invented The Beatles.
STNC Ltd says it has acquired a "ready-made team of developers" from Persimmon IT, a US developer of web server systems, which will enable the UK company to offer an end-to-end service to customers of its HitchHiker smartphone platform.