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A gene that has no selective advantage, or may even be harmful, but that nevertheless temporarily becomes widespread because it is closely linked and coupled with a highly advantageous gene that is strongly selected.
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The language in the first billboard is negative: "Aint worth the risk sister." No imperative is used in the language on the first billboard, but in the second billboard, the imperative is used in the statement, "Girls don't hitchhike." The imperative case is important in that it makes a demand on behaviour or issues a command.
"He catches the train down from Blaenau Ffestiniog to Tal-y-Cafn in the By DAVID WILLIAMSON Parliamentary Correspondent morning and then hitchhikes back in the evening, because he cannot afford the rail fare.
Gordon, ill for 19 years, tried to hitchhike until 3am before returning to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and waiting until 8.45am for a bus.
A joint work, Three Stories (The Hitchhike Project), comprised the second half of their program.
When Jude is given tickets to the Rose Bowl by the PE teacher at Christian Boys Academy, he enlists Stick to hitchhike to California (in winter!) for the 1961 football championship.
Andrew, who grew up on Tyneside but now works in West London in the building trade, will hitchhike through 16 different countries and hopes to turn the experience into a documentary film.
They have good and bad experiences and meet all kinds of people as they drive, hitchhike and bicycle their way west to the beach at Big Sur.
If you are female, only hitchhike through an agency; Don't accept lifts from groups of people; Talk to anybody who gives you a lift; Carry a map.
I'd usually get a ride or I'd try to hitchhike or walk to school, and it wasn't close either.
The charity hitchhike, called Justice Thumbs, aims to raise EUR10,000 for Downs Syndrome Ireland.
"It was an attempted stabbing, period," he told Arutz-7, adding that while attempts are underway to improve security along the Yesha highways, "in the meanwhile, it is irresponsible to stand along the main road and hitchhike. People must stand only within the communities themselves while waiting for rides."
Often I would run out of money and couldn't take the bus so I would hitchhike back home, this was in the days when hitchhiking wasn't considered totally insane.