the sum total of nutritive material derived from maternal tissue other than the blood, utilized by the early embryo.


The part of the nutrition of the embryo derived from cellular sources other than blood. Compare: embryotroph, hemotroph.

histotroph, histotrophe, histotrophic nutrition

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The decrease in endometrial glandular expression of PGRAB protein indicates a decline in PGRAB-mediated progesterone action in endometrial glands from days 14 to 30 of early pregnancy, which could influence secretion of histotroph.
Histotroph includes proteins and other molecules secreted into the uterine lumen by uterine epithelia, as well as proteins and other molecules, such as glucose and amino acids, transported into the uterine lumen to support growth and development of the conceptus.
Uterine histotroph and conceptus development: Select nutrients and secreted phosphoprotein 1 affect MTOR cell signaling in ewes.