history, case

history, case,

n a detailed and concise compilation of all physical, dental, social, and mental factors relative and necessary to diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.
history, case, forms,
n.pl questionnaires to aid the practitioner in taking medical history; should cover all aspects of patient's prior medical history; the American Dental Association distributes a basic health form that may provide a baseline.
history, case, hepatic disease,
n as part of the process of taking a medical history, practitioner should ask patient for details of and occurrences of liver disease or drug metabolism problems.
history case, self-medication,
n as part of the medical history process, practitioner should ask patient for descriptions of the type and frequency of self-administered medication as well as any history of substance abuse; this information can help eliminate complications in patient treatment schedules.
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China Internet Crowdfunding and Wealth Management Industry Report, 2015 highlights the followings: Overview of Internet finance in China (definition, business models, development history, case of financing, trends); Development environments for industry (relevant policies, deposit and financing, Internet user, big data, cloud computing); China's Internet crowdfunding industry (business models, development history, market size, rewards-based crowdfunding market, real estate crowdfunding market, equity-based crowdfunding market, trends); 13 major Chinese Internet crowdfunding platforms (profile, profit models, project financing, risk control, etc.
Hammack, Haydn Professor of History, Case Western Reserve University
of Arizona) instructs medical students and non-subspecialist clinicians in beginning and advanced techniques used in the patient interview and physical examination of all areas of the body, as well as clinical reasoning, the history, case record, and bedside laboratory tricks.
a court may analyze a pre-effective date fact pattern in light of the statute and its legislative history, case law, etc.
This paper's insistence on the threshold importance of the nonfiction contract that Freud's narrative poses with Dora, of course, places it partly at odds with Steven Marcus, the Freudian scholar whose landmark essay "Freud and Dora: Story, History, Case History" makes a compelling case for reading Dora as modernist fiction.
Throughout its history, Case has been recognized for its innovative approach to home design and building and its dedication to the remodeling industry as a whole with more than 70 awards.
Care Management solutions that allow case and disease managers easy access to patient history, case status, eligibility, medical management utilization, and more, in order to identify high-risk and high-cost patients;
legislative history, case law, and guidance from a variety of sources, including the Treasury Department and the Joint Committee on Taxation
In this beautifully produced volume, which includes many color plates, Gertsman (art history, Case Western Reserve U.
A single system now allows case and disease managers easy access to patient history, case status, eligibility, medical management utilization, and more in order to identify high-risk and high-cost patients.
A revealing insider's perspective with a mix of history, case studies, and definitive recommendations for change make Pharmaplasia an informative and thought-provoking read for past and present industry executives, healthcare providers, and patients alike.
Key features include a Web-based User Interface for ease of use, Exception Report Management that can be run on-demand or on a schedule, Quick Focus analysis tools to immediately query detailed transaction history, case management tools, and custom report-writing for ad-hoc report generation.

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