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The lung lesion detected on x-ray was a calcified granuloma and was consistent with a histoplasmoma.
For example, if Histoplasma yeasts are identified in a necrotizing granuloma and the pathologist is provided with the information that the lesion is an incidentally detected solitary lung nodule, a diagnosis of histoplasmoma can be rendered.
Instead, organisms persist in a walled-off nodule characterized by a well-formed, necrotizing granuloma similar to a tuberculoma (eg, histoplasmoma, cryptococcoma, coccidioidoma).
The other sequlae include: histoplasmoma, broncholithiasis, mediastinal granuloma, and mediastinal fibrosis.
Successful treatment of multiple cerebral histoplasmomas with itraconazole.
Histoplasmomas are rare and are usually multiple, small, and ring enhancing.