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Involvement of Apolipohorin in Flight Muscle Histolysis.
The present paper only considers flight muscle histolysis in the macropterous morph.
The heritabilities of the dichotomous traits, wing morph, and flight muscle histolysis (as shown later the five categories of histolysis can be collapsed into two without loss of information), were estimated using ANOVA as described in Mousseau and Roff (1989).
Fifty-nine percent of macropterous females had flight muscles showing no sign of histolysis, 21% showed partial muscle histolysis (categories 2, 3, 4), and 20% had no flight muscles remaining (full histolysis).
In these studies, the hemocytes appear to take an active role in the destruction of the basement membrane, cell sloughing, histolysis, or atrophy associated with pathogenic tissue remodeling.
Some evidence also suggests that certain defense-related proteins play a role in tissue histolysis during insect metamorphosis (Tryselius et al.
Flight threshold, wing muscle histolysis and alary polymorphism: Correlated traits for dispersal tendency in the Gerridae.
Metamorphic stages were scored according to the following criteria, documented previously in Santagata (2002): stage one--partial histolysis of hood, telotrochal cells, and the larval portion of the tentacles; stage two--complete histolysis of larval tissues and partial eversion of the juvenile trunk sac; stage three--larval gut pulled inside the juvenile trunk sac, but portions of the larval trunk epithelium not completely pulled into the juvenile body; stage four--all previous events plus the larval trunk epithelium completely pulled into the juvenile body.
The repair phase, which includes the overall 48-h post-autotomy period, comprises wound closure and histolysis of the damaged tissues.