histologic technician

histologic technician

an allied health professional trained in tissue processing technique (fixation, dehydration, embedding, sectioning, routine and special staining, and mounting of tissue specimens) and also in histology and histochemistry. Graduates of accredited 1-year programs who pass the certification examination of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists are designated HT(ASCP), Histologic Technician.

histologic technician,

an allied health professional who prepares tissue specimens of human and animal origin for a pathologist to examine for diagnostic, research, or teaching purposes. Histologic technicians process sections of body tissue by fixation, dehydration, embedding, sectioning, decalcification, microincineration, mounting, and routine and special staining. Educational preparation is usually months for an associate degree. Also called histotechnician. See also histotechnologist.

his·to·log·ic tech·ni·cian

(histō-lojik tek-nishăn)
A health care professional who prepares human or animal tissues for microscopic examination by a histologist.
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has received several grants and donations, including: a $578,527 National Science Foundation grant for the college's histologic technician training program; a five-year, $2.
bill requires licensing of medical technologists, medical laboratory technicians, cytotechnologists, histologic technicians, and histotechnologists, and also requires registration of phlebotomists.
San Antonio College has recently begun a program to train histologic technicians, who prepare tissue samples for microscopic examination in hospitals and clinics, with a $517,000 grant from NSF.