his·ti·dyl (His-),

The acyl radical of histidine.


(His-) (his'ti-dil)
The acyl radical of histidine.
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Detection, characterisation, and quantification of carnosine and other histidyl derivatives in cardiac and skeletal muscle.
The reaction was stopped by adding 60 mL of 1 M HCl and was then tested by using a spectrophotometer (Perkin Elmer UV Winlab US-710 CT 06484-4794, Shelton, CT, USA) to measure hippuric acid produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of the substrate hippuryl - L- histidyl - L - leucine at a wavelength of 228 nm (Liu et al.
These intermediates cross-link with histidyl residues of cuticular proteins and chitin, hardening the exoskeletons (Xu et al.
Catecholamine and histidyl protein cross-linked structures in sclerotized insect cuticle.
32) Both carnosine and anserine are antioxidative histidyl dipeptides and the most abundant antioxidants in meat.
The sequencing of albumin-adduct tryptic peptides and the analysis of pronase/amino peptidase digests demonstrated that lysyl, cysteinyl, and histidyl residues are involved in the formation of these adducts.
As indicated in Table 1, the sequences of adducted tryptic peptides all contained lysyl, cysteinyl, or histidyl residues (see below), residues that are likely to be susceptible to modification by the toxin epoxide groups.
Although cysteinyl adducts were detected in all three of the exposed patient samples, lysyl and histidyl adducts were not detected in patient 1, whose blood sample was collected 2 months after the termination of exposure.
All of the detected tryptic peptides contained at least one of the three amino acyl residues, lysyl, cysteinyl, and histidyl, that were identified as probable modification sites in rHSA.
The ND3/ND4 region begins in the glycyl tRNA gene and spans the NADH-dehydrogenase subunit-3, arginyl tRNA, NADH-dehydrogenase subunit-4L, and NADH-dehydrogenase subunit-4 genes, ending in the histidyl tRNA gene.
2] terminus and a prolyl substitution for the normal histidyl residue 2 of the [beta]-chain.
The GAD 65 had been obtained by expression of human full-length cDNA in a baculovirus/ Sf9 insect cell system and had 6 histidyl residues at the carboxy-terminus (to facilitate purification of the antigen on [Ni.