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Having or resembling fine hairs; term describing the filamentous protein polysaccharide coating of microvilli. See: glycocalyx.
[L. hirtus, hairy, shaggy]
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Shoots erect, low, to 4.2(-5) dm, the lowermost part scaly, smooth, the leaves of midculm longest; sheaths tubular-cylindric, rather loosely investing the culms and often overlapping, multicostate, hirsute, the Iigular orifice scarious, oblique, ciliate, pale brown; larger leaf blades narrowly linear, as cending or spreading, to 19 cm long but usually much shorter, rarely broader than 6 mm, attenuate from near the base to the slender apex, smooth to sparsely or copiously hirtellous with weak, translucent hairs, sparingly spreading-ciliate proximally.