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The use of a specially trained horse as a therapeutic ‘vehicle’ for improving a person’s balance; as the horse sways and rocks, the mounted patient’s pelvic muscles are required to compensate; HP is believed to be useful in patients with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis


Therapeutic use of horseback riding with the supervision of a trained therapist to provide specific medical benefits to the rider.
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In addition, a hotel for parents with 30 seats and a stable for three stalls have been built on the territory of the center, as hippotherapy is provided for children undergoing rehabilitation.
Houry had to travel to Texas in the US to receive training and certification in hippotherapy, a form of physiotherapy using the movement of a horse to replicate the sensory and motor output of the human pelvis in walking.
Although it is similar to the use of therapeutic devices in a clinic, such as swing or Swiss ball, hippotherapy offers more sensory-motor stimulation and a link between rider and horse that cannot be artificially simulated in clinics or with a lifeless horse.
She took hippotherapy lessons for years, benefitting from the one-on-one relationship between her and her trainer.
In recent years Cyprus has seen an emergence of two ancient forms of complimentary healing techniques; hippotherapy and therapeutic riding.
Equine-assisted activities and therapy (EAAT), sometimes called hippotherapy, uses horses to help in the rehabilitation of people with a wide range of physical, cognitive and/ or emotional conditions, including SCI/D.
In his remarks on Wednesday during the opening ceremony for a center which will provide hippotherapy with Arabian horses, under the aegis of the Turkish General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises (TyGEM), Erdoy-an informed the attendees of the important role of horses in Turkish culture, and mentioned the cavalry regiment which participated in 2014's welcoming ceremonies for foreign leaders at the presidential residence.
Thank you so much for the article on hippotherapy ("Horse power[6]") in the Spring issue of Momentum
Effect of hippotherapy on perceived self-competence and participation in a child with cerebral palsy.
Furthermore, a recent Tricare decision that classified hippotherapy (a specific EAAT program designed to improve physical mobility) as "investigational" and not reimbursable makes it even more imperative to start the research conversation about the efficacy of using EAAT programs to treat combat veterans with mental and physical wounds.
Children in six artworks played football, and in individual ones they swam, swung on swings, roasted sausages on an open fire, flied kites or participated in hippotherapy and sporting events.