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Gently brush up the front of the hips toward the waist with the fingertips, encouraging the hipbones to float upward.
The result is a gun that shifts all over the place, drags the belt against your hipbone on one side, and chafes your hip and buttocks on the other.
Additionally, low milk intake during childhood is associated with a three percent reduction in hipbone mineral content and bone mineral density, as well as a twofold greater risk of fracture.
Another key feature of GoToAssist is that is has an API for pulling up an existing trouble ticket within the CRM application if, for instance, a company has integrated with Aspect, HipBone, Motive, Remedy and/or Siebel.
textured and waxen lined skin of my belly from hipbone to hipbone with
The tight, low-rise trousers popularised by Christina Aguilera and Brittany Spears can squeeze a sensory nerve under the hipbone and cause a tingling sensation in the thighs called paresthesia.
The Taiwanese woman sustained a broken thighbone and hipbone after a fall during a visit to the tourist city of Dali, China.
"It has a certain 'wow' factor with customers," says Hipbone CEO Michael Sayer of co-browsing software, one of the latest innovations in the field of customer relationship management (CRM).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-20 August 2001-Talisma integrates Hipbone's technology into CRM suite (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
This is generally the area under the skin, from the inside front of your hipbone to the groin area, where the thigh meets the body.
the hipbone and half the gnawed shank of a small, unrecognizable animal