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Homeless & Indigent Persons Health Outreach Program. A program established in 1992 by medical students as a student-directed community service and learning program, though which students provide health services to the disenfranchised inner city population in the form of community outreach, health promotion, preventive education and clinical services to the underserved population. The HIPHOP initiative begun with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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Funk Dance Studio in Ellicott City, MD, which has two competition teams: The Company, which does all styles, and The Crew, which is hip-hop only.
Hip-hop borrows from the oral and music traditions of the griots just as much as it does from the polycultural influences that helped to forge it in the multiracial crucible of the Bronx in the 1970s.
On the other end of the continuum is the argument that classes devoted to hip-hop should be taught by faculty members who have academic credentials in relevant areas but also have organic experience participating in and creating hip-hop in local spaces.
While the best comprehensive overviews of hip-hop and rap are generally provided by book-length studies (see the titles described below in the sections titled "Literature on Hip-Hop and Rap: A Brief Overview" and "Historical Information"), several sources offer more succinct overviews and definitions.
And there we have the blueprint for the hip-hop industry since the early 1990s: pornographic music videos; extreme materialism, individualism, and anti-intellectualism; bloated boasts of arrests, incarcerations, and shootings.
What they're promoting is going dumb, and in more than one way," says Arnold, referring to the style of dance popular in the Bay Area--going stupid, going dumb, getting hyphy--as well as the mental numbing and dumbing down of hip-hop music.
Understanding Hip-Hop Culture" and "Bringing Hip-Hop Into Your Church.
Hip-hop has evolved and grown into a bigger, global music now.
Many hip-hop critics are rightly concerned, however, with what they see as the hyper-commercialization of rap music by the corporate record industry.
Chuck D: The powers that be are trying to meld, shape, and corral the culture of hip-hop into another speaking voice for the government.
Bowen's late-night HotHouse performance represents the work of a new breed of hip-hop artists--a handful of female rappers who are gaining clout in the male-dominated industry by taking on subjects long considered taboo: gender, race and politics.
West - pictured recently in a national magazine wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt and jeans while sitting next to his beaming parents - and his frequently mesmerizing debut, ``The College Dropout,'' is only the most visible tip of the new hip-hop iceberg.