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Homeless & Indigent Persons Health Outreach Program. A program established in 1992 by medical students as a student-directed community service and learning program, though which students provide health services to the disenfranchised inner city population in the form of community outreach, health promotion, preventive education and clinical services to the underserved population. The HIPHOP initiative begun with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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What is new in my time is the unbridled fetish of consumption, the pursuit of what in hip-hop parlance is called "bling"--spacious cribs, sparkling jewels, and a roll of dead Presidents.
Yeah, and when hip-hop artists come to Jamaica, we show them love.
To immerse himself in the culture, Hughes met with members of The Source magazine, the bible of the hip-hop community.
Historical events in both the Black Arts and hip-hop eras include extreme examples of Black frustration and rage: Consider, for example, the Los Angeles riots of 1992 and the riots that followed the assassination of Dr.
Meanwhile, as rap's beats-per-minute have eased off, Quiet Storm R&B balladeering has siphoned off some of the hip-hop audience with its smooth appeal.
The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network is mobilizing and encouraging not only the hip-hop generation but all people of good will to attend and witness one of the most important addresses of our times," declared Dr.
Few wondered why the industry likes to keep it black, why today's paradigmatic MC is nine-bullet-ridden 50 Cent (instead of, say, metaphysics-kicking KRS-ONE) or how instinctively labeling non-black rappers weird novelties belied their growing conviction that hip-hop was everywhere.
It unsettles me when we ourselves imitate the racism of the mainstream media by unequivocally equating hip-hop with drugs, gangs and crime.
A sophomore effort, much anticipated by retailers, is due in stores March 8, but few believe it will eclipse the widely accepted positive messages now being issued by other hip-hop artists.
Clothing companies launched over the past decade by Comb Jay-Z, and Godfather of Hip-Hop Russell Simmons have become dominant players in the so-called urban apparel niche.