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Homeless & Indigent Persons Health Outreach Program. A program established in 1992 by medical students as a student-directed community service and learning program, though which students provide health services to the disenfranchised inner city population in the form of community outreach, health promotion, preventive education and clinical services to the underserved population. The HIPHOP initiative begun with funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
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Hip-Hop Church will deliver the same soul-saving, peace giving message of the loving Jesus Christ.
As a person from New York and being a part of the street culture, I wanted to show the world where hip-hop came from, which is New York.
The first part, titled "Elements," references the four generally accepted practices of hip-hop: MCing, breaking, graffiti, and DJing.
The show not only plays Arabic and English hip-hop, but also sheds light on hip-hop as a culture, features interviews with music artists, and promotes local and regional rappers.
More recently, Salim has produced a documentary project that highlights hip-hop in Lebanon.
Combining music, dance, rap, DJing, live performance and culminating in a live finale taking place on one of the largest stages in the country, B-Side may be global in its outlook and ambitions but - at its heart - beats a talented core of Birmingham-based artists and producers who have helped cement and grow the city's reputation as a UK leader in all things hip-hop.
Part I, "Elements," discusses the four preexisting elements of hip-hop, but also presents multiple elements for additional consideration.
A few years ago, the University of Arizona took hip-hop in academia a step further by introducing a concentration in hip-hop as part of the Africana studies minor, a move that received considerable national attention (and some derision from critics who took to social media to question its place in the academy).
"People hear about our hip-hop program through friends, or they'll see us perform and want to learn more," says Delmar Reyna, director of the Renegade Stylez Krew at Next Step Dance Performing Arts Center in Frisco, TX.