hip flexors

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Quadriceps, hip flexors, hamstrings

Major muscles in the thigh area which affect knee mechanics.
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The Pigeon Pose is perfect for tight hips because it stretches the hip rotators (the buttock area) and the hip flexors (the long muscles that run along the front of your thighs and pelvis).
The protocol included performances of four acute stretch interventions, each representing a different combination of static and dynamic stretches of the hip flexors (agonists) and extensors (antagonists).
Hip flexor stretch: Using a sturdy chair or wall for support, stand with your left leg in front, knee bent, and your right leg stretched straight behind you.
The hip flexors consist of two muscles: the psoas major and the iliacus.
This study involved 18 male University varsity athletes that were subdivided into two groups: 1) Low back pain with tight hip flexors (n = 10, age = 22.
High developpes and battements can make the hip flexors become shortened and overactive, especially when the transversus abdominis, your deepest layer of abdominal muscle, is not engaged and strong.
Perhaps the training of the hip flexors is of little advantage to cyclists because the down stroke is where almost all of the power is produced in cycling (6).
Examining the usual balance of these groups, it is most typical for hip flexors and trunk extensors to be tight and anterior abdominal wall and gluteal muscles to be weak.
The hip flexors within this index explained more of the variability (44%) than other muscles (Table 5).
TARGET AREA: This exercise strengthens the hip flexors and abdominal muscles.
The researchers found that male and female players did differ in both the areas-male players had more activation in the hip flexors of their kicking leg and in their hip abductors of the supporting leg compared to women.