hindfoot valgus

calcaneal valgus

(1) A lateral—towards the fibula—eversion of the rearfoot at the subtalar joint.
(2) A specific form of clubfoot characterised by dorsiflexion, eversion and abduction of the foot.

hind·foot val·gus

(hīnd'fut val'gŭs)
Eversion of the calcaneus relative to the tibia.
Synonym(s): rearfoot pronation.
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Hindfoot valgus is due to muscle imbalance, with shortening of the Achilles tendon, and a mid-foot break.
Orthopaedic problems for each neurological level Level % Deformity Thoracic (paraplegic) 23 Scoliosis Kyphosis Equinus Mid-lumbar (L3,4) 30 Hip dislocation Internal and external tibial torsion Clubfoot Congenital vertical talus Ankle and hindfoot valgus Low lumbar/calcaneus (L5) 17 Calcaneus Ankle valgus Hindfoot valgus Sacral/'normal' (S1) 30 Cavovarus foot
They are used to help control ankle pronation (eversion, or rolling in) and hindfoot valgus (rolling out) position.