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Pertaining to a hilum.


Pertaining to a hilum.


(hi'lum) ('la) plural.hila [L. hilum, a little thing, trifle]
1. A depression or recess at the exit or entrance of a duct into a gland or of nerves and vessels into an organ.
2. The root of the lungs at the level of the fourth and fifth dorsal vertebrae. The hilum, on the medial side of each lung, is where the main bronchus, pulmonary arteries, bronchial arteries, and nerves enter the lung and where the pulmonary veins, bronchial veins, and lymphatic vessels leave the lung. Synonym: hilushilar (hi'lar), adjective

glomerular hilum

The vascular pole of the glomerulus of the kidney.
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Se fue el hombre y la nina quedo llorando !cuando sabia hilar! Llorando allegadita al fogon y en eso el chonoiwe kuze,(konoiwe kushe (3)) fuego vieja, le hablo: "No tenis para que afligirte tanto yo voy a llamar a lalen kuze (Llallinkushe) pa' que te ayude".