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A popular term for a state of pleasant and/or manic euphoria, which is often a desired end-point for users of narcotics, hallucinogens, or other potentially addicting substances of abuse


Substance abuse A popular term for a state of pleasant and/or manic euphoria, which is often a desired end-point for users of narcotics, hallucinogens, or other potentially addicting substances of abuse. See Bad trip, 'Stoned. '.


Elevated, lofty; above some basis or point of comparison.
[O.E. hēah]

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Q. how high is to high sugar I have been to surgry 3 times in 2 months and I have had my sugar go over before but not like this. I went to the Dr and Hes not worried about it. In the morning it is running 124 to 143 and 2 hrs after I eat it is running 165 to 200. At the Dr office it only showed 5.6 and He said 6.5 and over is bad! I have never sugar this high ever! It is in the family, my Mom, her Mom, her Dad ECT. What do you all think about it!

A. It seems what the doctor was referring to at the office wasn't the blood glucose (sugar) measurements but rather HbA1c - a substance in the blood that reflects the sugar levels in the PAST 8-12 weeks. Surgery is a substantial stress to your body and thus can increase your blood sugar. The A1C reflects the average levels during that time so it may overcome the temporary elevation due to the surgery.

You may read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HbA1c

Q. I have high cholesterol. What I need to do in order to reduce him?

A. How to Eat to Lower Your Cholesterol
Things You’ll Need:
Kidney Beans
Soy Foods Like Tofu
White Beans
Step1Eat more garlic. Add it to pasta, soups and vegetables.
Step2Increase your intake of soy foods. Enjoy more tofu, green soybeans (edamame), tempeh and TVP (texturized vegetable protein).
3Add beans to your diet three to five times a week. Try lentil soup, black beans and rice, and hummus, and toss kidney beans into green salads.
Step4Include a serving of fiber-rich fruit or vegetables at every meal and snack.
For full article: http://www.ehow.com/how_12776_eat-lower-cholesterol.html?ref=fuel&utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=ssp&utm_campaign=yssp_art Hope this helps.

Q. How to lower high cholesterol? The Doctor told my husband that his cholesterol levels are very high and that he has to lower them immediately. What foods are low in cholesterol and what foods should I be cooking for him to eat?

A. Any treatment of high cholesterol first begins with some lifestyle changes. This involves three simple, yet often difficult to execute, steps: improved diet, increased physical activity, and weight management.
Make sure your Husband is eating unsaturated fats instead of saturated and trans fats, avoiding cholesterol, increasing dietary fiber, and consuming more plant sterols/stanols. Increase his vegetables and whole grains intake, but decrease the fat, salt and sugar intakes.
Also, it will be easier for him to stick to his diet if the whole family changes their eating habits and eats healthier too. Start cooking healthy meals for the whole family and not just for him.

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"The progress of that image over the 20th century shows how the broader culture has constantly found new ways to appropriate our most famous highwayman and has constantly developed and reinforced his legend."
Blarney Highwayman was sold out of Adrian Maguire's yard to Bobby O'Ryan for pounds 18,000 at the 2010 DBS August Sale.
* The Highwayman Inn, Fonmon Road, Nurston, Rhoose CF62 3BH, call 01446 710205 The Highwayman Inn by Martin Wells The Bill 8oz gammon steak pounds 8.95 10oz rump steak pounds 10.95 Garlic bread portion pounds 1.95 Pepper sauce pounds 2.50 Drinks Half pint Stella Artois pounds 1.65 Half pint Tomos Watkin Cwrw Braf pounds 1.45 Total pounds 27.45
People will be encouraged to keep their eye out for the legendary highwayman and there will be plenty of hands-on activities for all the family to get involved in.
The Church of St Helen and the Holy Cross is worth a closer look before we leave through the kissing gate and make our way along the roadway that leads to our starting point at the Highwayman Inn.
When he finally had a house and a basement, he brought what we called the "record player" down near his workbench and trusted us with the words of the poetry records that boomed up the steep stairs: "The Highwayman came riding, riding, riding/The Highwayman came riding up to the old inn door." Or sometimes Shakespeare floated up, in the marvelous voice of Richard Burton, "To be or not to be...." Dad was no snob.
Highwayman recorded only their second league win of the campaign with a 4-2 away win at Crawcrook Albion.
Toby took an early lead against Highwayman through Glynn after 8 minutes and never looked back as they assumed control in the first half.
The highwayman who did was Yorkshireman Swift Nick Nevinson in 1676.
THERE'S a bloke in my area who walks about - all the time - dressed as an 18th century highwayman.
Merry alleges that he owns 60 per cent of Blarney Highwayman, a five-year-old gelding who won a Kilworth point-to-point in the ownership of Colthurst and Myers in March.
His 'Paul Clifford' is about a gentleman highwayman who wants to go straight and marry his true love before the noose gets him!

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