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Unlike new or recently purchased products that are returned to a manufacturer, retired high-tech assets have been used for three to four years.
Law enforcement administrators should identify university faculty and staff as a significant training resource, as well as one in support of high-tech criminal investigations.
The venture gives Counterpane clients the option to buy up to $100 million in coverage to protect against the losses caused by high-tech security breaches.
Chairman Jenkins deserves all the credit for recognizing the need to engage with Congress and the high-tech community instead of ignoring them.
Seen as a microcosm of the city's booming high-tech and new media industries, the outlook for the ITD bodes well for the rest of New York City.
MRG's US Markets for Video and High-Tech Hardware Devices 2006 report provides you with key market drivers, industry trends, and unsurpassed segmentation.
Energizer's powerful Rechargeable batteries and Energizer's family of innovative chargers provide an economical power solution for today's high-tech devices, and are specifically designed to match consumer's lifestyles.
High-tech employment in New Mexico was 43,800 in 2003, the most recent available state data.
Additionally, the report found that both high-tech exports and venture capital investments in New York rose in 2004.