high-risk register

high-risk reg·is·ter

(HRR) (hī risk rej'is-tĕr)
audiology Checklist of conditions known to exhibit a higher-than-normal prevalence of hearing loss. Conditions include familial history of hearing loss, congenital infections, craniofacial anomalies, low birth weight, hyperbilirubinemia, ototoxic medications, bacterial meningitis, and severe depression of central nervous system activity at birth.
See: screening
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Shanice expressed concerns about her unborn baby being put on the high-risk register and feared the child would be taken away from her.
"High risk" clients are placed on the "high-risk register." The register is a crucial tool for defining risk in individual rather than systemic terms.
Officers from the Sex Offender Management Unit also visited more than 30 high-risk registered sex offenders during the week to ensure no further offences were being committed.
Police said the "high-risk registered sex offender" was white, 5ft 6in, and slim with brown hair and blue eyes, He has a string of violence and dishonesty convictions.
The governor also is proposing legislation requiring the active monitoring of high-risk sex offenders using tracking technology as part of the sex offender's sentence, and requiring all high-risk registered sex offenders who have served their entire prison sentence be actively monitored for three years upon release from prison.